Lets clear your doubts.

If you’re ready, just click the sign-up button and you’ll be redirected to fill in your credentials and your account will be created! Please sign up for a free demo if you need more information and one of our experts will schedule a meeting time that accommodates to your schedule.

Yes, RUS2Bill is available on both the Apple play store and Android Market Place!

When you sign-up, you’re provided Super Admin access in desktop view and one free field worker account via mobile app view. Freely add and remove users as you’re charged for only active accounts.

To sign-up, there’s an initial $70 charge that includes your Super Admin account and one free field worker account. When you need to add more members, there will be a $50 charge per added member.

No, Field Users will only have access to the mobile app. Super Admins have access to both desktop and mobile view, keeping all financial information private to the super admin account view.

No, Inspectors will have access to their own unique account to upload pictures of the work sites. Showcasing proper or improper working conditions.

There’s no limit to the number of projects that can be added to your account.

There’s no limit to the number of jobs that can be added to a project!

esktop view gives power to the super admin! You can supervise your field workers progress, while having a grip on financial information and status of project timelines. Mobile view let’s field workers thrive in the field and update real-time progress.

Field workers! RUS2BILL empowers them to be the front line to report real-time progress.

Absolutely! The inspector capability allows for real-time updates of field conditions. Once submitted and ready, RUS2BILL will produce a printable report of the entire job/project.

You’re welcome to sign up for a free demo with us! If your schedule is too busy, we have materials that can also help you learn more about RUS2BILL!

Currently there is not, but our free demo will clear up any concerns you may have!

Yes, our dedicated team of experts will be more than happy to assist you 24/7 via phone call or email.

No! RUS2BILL provides real time progress based on actual units completed, redlines, and reporting.