How this app works?

Field User App

Simple Work Structure

Built with three types
of users in mind.


Admin users

Admin users are the back office, who sends out your invoices.

Less than 20 licenses

$ 50 Monthly

Field Users

Field Users are the front line, who report all the work being done in real time.

Less than 20 licenses

$ 25 Monthly


Inspectors protect your investment as they submit safety reports and document incidents.

Less than 20 licenses

$ 25 Monthly


Greater than 20 license

$ 5K Starting

  • Unit Logic
  • Make Field Life Easier!
  • EZ As-Built
  • 24/7 Tool Support
  • Custom Development Options
  • including White Label

Greater than 20 license

$ 5K Starting

Product Features

Assign roles to
the entire team

Make sure all your sub-contractors send invoices in one format and all invoices will be tailor made for your end customer! No extra work needed!

Partial billing, Total Billing has never been faster! Download your completed unit totals from the field at any time with Redline backups and INVOICE your customer.


Visualize your RUS “Units” at a Glance


As work is completed, you can see daily and weekly how much value is to be change requested or amended to your contract or order.

This way, you and your client are not surprised at the end of the job and most importantly NO WAITING after the job is complete to final bill your customer.

Key Features

Work Smarter

Will capture project information on the go and eliminates all mundane activities in spreadsheets and phone calls to manage efficiency in any utility construction project.


All In One Solution

Built to organize field work activity, puts all the units in one place, and allows immediate exports of verifiable records on demand. We can build, record, inspect, and invoice.

Customizable RUS Unit Database

Customizable RUS Unit Database

Existing carriers, you can create customized data bases. Also perfect for USDA Grant awardees can use RUS2BILL to gain access to new databases.

Real Time Progress Reporting

Real Time Progress Reporting

Improves project control with real-time reporting on status and empowers rapid invoicing of construction projects.

Built For the Field

Built For the Field

Field users only enter information they already have to document. In fact, the RUS2BILL helps users who are not familiar with RUS units with descriptions and suggestions of units to add.

Control Changes, No Surprises

Control Changes, No Surprises

You’ll have the ability to eliminate unforeseen costs and delayed revenues by monitoring project changes in real time.




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If you’re ready, just click the sign-up button and you’ll be redirected to fill in your credentials and your account will be created! Please sign up for a free demo if you need more information and one of our experts will schedule a meeting time that accommodates to your schedule.

Yes, RUS2Bill is available on both the Apple play store and Android Market Place!

When you sign-up, you’re provided Super Admin access in desktop view and one free field worker account via mobile app view. Freely add and remove users as you’re charged for only active accounts.

To sign-up, there’s an initial $70 charge that includes your Super Admin account and one free field worker account. When you need to add more members, there will be a $50 charge per added member.

No, Field Users will only have access to the mobile app. Super Admins have access to both desktop and mobile view, keeping all financial information private to the super admin account view.